Tips – Daytour Bacalar


Bacalar is a town that in the last 6 years has received more people than ever. There is no doubt that it is an emerging destination that captures the gaze of travelers in search of new adventures.

Due to the rapid increase in demand for lodging and tourist services, the tour operators have agreed together with the ecology department to leave a day free of traffic to the lagoon so as not to impact its fragile ecosystem so much. This means that on Wednesdays of each week it will not be possible to take a tour of the lagoon.

In another post we will recommend all the activities that you can do outside the lagoon of the seven colors.

You can start with our excursion to the sites of Kohunlich and Dzibanché with experience of Mayan food. <br> See the details of the activity and book here:


San Felipe Fort Museum

Bacalar, Mexico is located in the “Mayan Zone” of Quintana Roo just 2 hours south of Tulum.

Known for its spectacular “Lagoon of the Seven Colors”, it is also recognized as one of the 121 Magical Towns of Mexico. With a population of just 35,000, it is the perfect place to escape the crowds and enjoy natural surroundings that will steal a breath. Keep reading and you will discover everything that Bacalar has for you.

Pirate Canal

The lagoon offers many activities, from watching the sunrise on paddle boards to full-day tours with food and drinks included. Visit the famous pirate channel, the island of the birds and the stromatolite sanctuary among the most paradisiacal places in the city. The tranquility that the town transmits is unmatched in other destinations in the Mexican Caribbean. Without a doubt it is the perfect place to visit if you are a lover of tranquility, nature, adventure and photography.

Not everything is a lagoon! In the surroundings of Bacalar you can find archaeological sites, Mayan communities, spas and the border with Belize where you can go shopping or play in the free zone casinos. Whatever you like the most, you will surely find things to do during your stay in Bacalar.

In this blog we will recommend lagoon care practices as well as the best restaurants, hotels, activities and events. Come to Bacalar!